Compacting Dies

Compacting Dies or  Bunching Dies

We at Regal Carbide Dies Pvt Ltd manufacture  stranding dies and carbide compacting dies . These compacted dies are available up to 40-50 mm diameter and yields a good wire surface finish with excellent die life. We supply these dies to many aluminium conductor making companies.

Compacting Dies

Carbide Compacting Dies


  • Manufactured from good grade of Tungsten Carbide, these dies yields a good wire surface finish with excellent die life
  • Reduces fines and shavings generated during production due to low coefficient of friction and wear resistance.
  • Long die life and minimized wire breakage make for longer, uninterrupted production runs truckload after truckload.


Types of  Compacting die

Compacting Dies

Carbide Compacting Die

  • Single piece Compacting Die – In this die, tungsten carbide is shrink fitted in steel case and very small bearing length is made in the die at the centre height of the carbide die. No corners are left in the die to ensure smooth surface finish on the wires.
  • Two piece Compacting die / Split Compacting Die :  This die is made in two piece, connected together by pins.  The compacting die is made in two piece. The main advantage of this die is that the die can be opened if the bunched wire breaks in the bunching there by reducing all the rejections.


Apart from these Compacting dies, we also make carbide bushes used in tubular stranding machines and wire pay off machines.


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