Wire Drawing Dies

Wire Drawing Dies

We at RCDPL manufacture wire drawing dies  in tungsten carbide as well as in diamond / PCD.  We Regal Carbide Dies Pvt Ltd are one of the leading supplier of these T.C  wire draw dies and cater to many big companies for their die needs on a regular basis. We are also  manufacturing Aluminium strip drawing dies, shaped wire drawing dies for copper and other metals as well as  dies for wet wire drawing and Mig wire drawing.


Companies using Wire Drawing Dies

Wire Drawing Dies

Some of the industries where these carbide drawing dies are used :

  • Mig / CO2 wire manufacturing companies  / dies for G I wires
  • DPC Aluminium & Copper strip makers / Special shaped wire drawing like square, hex, oval, strips  . 
  • Steel Cord manufacturers
  •  Aluminium & copper drawing  for RBD machines  / compacting and stranding
  •  wire drawing of steels, copper, brass, optical fibres and  other alloys.


Drawing Die Design

Die Angle Profile

Die angle is in the range from 6–15°, and each wire drawing die has  2 different angles namely the entering angle and approach angle.  The angles are decided depending on the material to be drawn , the reduction on each die and the type of wire drawing that is dry or wet wire drawing.

Lubrication in the wire drawing die is essential for maintaining good surface finish and long die life. There are many different types of  lubrication in wire drawing namely

  • Wet drawing:  In this process ,dies and wire rod are completely immersed in lubricant which can be either oil or soap solution.
  • Dry drawing: the wire or rod is in open air and  passes through a container of dry lubricant powder which coats the surface of the wire or rod
  • Metal coating: the wire or rod is coated with a soft metal which acts as a solid lubricant. Example is in mig wire where copper is coating on steel which acts like lubricant.