Wet Wire Drawing Dies Manufacturers

There are two different types of wire drawing dies in the wire industry. Wet  wire drawing and dry wire drawing dies . In wet wire drawing , all the wire draw dies are submerged in the lubricant and subsequent draws are taken in a compact machine of either 9, 11 or 13  dies.  Where as in dry wire drawing, the die is placed in a die box which is filled will lubricant powder.

Generally dry wire drawing process is used more so in the drawing of steels and bigger sizes of wires.  In case of copper, aluminium and their alloys, generally wet wire drawing machines are made use of.

Types of Dies used in Wet Wire Drawing :  For bigger bore sizes the client have an option of using either tungsten carbide die, or a PCD Die. But in smaller bore sizes, generally most of them are using PCD Dies also known as Poly Crystalline Diamond die or Synthetic Diamond Die.  In dry wire drawing majority of customers use carbide dies .

The Die Profile for Wet Wire draw dies:  Generally for wet wire drawing, the bearing length of the die is kept very small as compared to dry drawing.  As in wet drawing the speed of the machine is much higher, to reduce friction and wear and tear of the die, approach angle is kept more in these dies .

Some of the manufacturers of wet wire draw machines of good quality are:

Some of the lubricant sources are as follows;

For Wet wire draw dies some of the names are as follows:




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