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Dies for Mig wire drawing

Mig Wire Draw Dies

We at Regal Carbide Dies have many years of experience in the manufacturing of dies used in wire drawing of Mig / Co2 wire and for welding electrodes. These dies are made in a very specialized manner. Due care has to be taken to maintain the concentricity of the dies which is a very important factor in the overall die life.

Die Design for these Mig dies

These are some of the factors which are to be kept in mind for making these Mig wire dies.

  • Proper shrink fitting of the carbide pellets in steel case.
  • Making the Outer diameter of the steel concentric with respect to the inner carbide bore of the die.
  • As the die is used for coating of copper on the steel wire, very good surface finish is required on the entry angle of the die.
  • proper angle lapping is done in the die from both the sides. Entry angle of 12-14 degree and exit angle of 30 degree is made in the die.
  • Bearing length in the die should be approx about 30% of the inner bore which is generally 0.765mm or 1.16 mm.

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