Carbide Wire Drawing Dies For Steel Wires

Tungsten Carbide is extensively used in the making of wire drawing dies for steel wire , like M.S (Mild Steel) , High carbon steel, low carbon steel , CHQ(Cold Heading Quality) Steel , EQ (Electrode Quality)Steels are easily drawn from these carbide dies. Apart from Steels, copper, aluminium, brass , solder wires and various other alloys are also drawn from these wire dies.


Steel Wire Drawing Dies Profile

The die profile in case of steel wire drawing  is quite different than that for copper or aluminium wire dies. To get the best results, bearing length in case of steel wire drawing is approximately around 75 to 100 percent of the wire size to be drawn.  Also reduction angle is around 12 -16 degrees.


Now a days, a new concept of Pressure wire drawing dies has come up. In this type of die, a combination of two wire draw dies is used. One carbide pellet or nib is used for final drawing also known as the drawing die / nib. The other die is used to create the pressure of lubricant in the die so that the dies can be drawn at higher speeds. These pressure drawing dies are more efficient and the die life increases considerably than that of normal dies which were used conventionally.


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