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Flux Coating Dies Manufacturers


 We at RCDPL are flux coating dies manufacturers in India. These Carbide Flux coating dies are used in the extrusion of welding rods .  In this process,  wire is fed in the machine which is then passed along with the rutile mixture in the coating die , also known as the extrusion dies. After the wire is passed through this die, a coating of rutile mixture takes place which is then taken to the baking oven on a conveyer belt. After baking, the welding rod is ready for use.

Flux Coating Dies

Many different size of flux coating dies are used in the welding electrode industry.  Some of the good Welding Electrode Plant Manufacturers are:

  • Deccan  Dynamics       Flux Coating Die Size       = 15 mm Dia , 20 mm L
  • Sharp  Tools                   Coating Die Size            = 15mm Dia , 20 mm L
  • Hydromech                    Coating die Size            = 15 mm Dia , 18 mm L
  • Gangaa Machines
  • Omega Weldrod Systems

Wire straightening and cutting machines are used to cut the EQ wires into the desired sizes. In this machine first the wire is fed as inlet , which is then straightened with the help of 5 spinner dies . Once the wire is straightened, it is cut to desired length with Threaded carbide nozzles and carbide cutters.

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Extrusion Dies for Conform Machines

We at Regal Carbide Dies Pvt Ltd have started making Conform machine Extrusion dies  to our product portfolio. We supply these extrusion dies to many companies in very close working tolerances. Conform machines are used generally for extrusion of copper ( 8mm rods) and Aluminium of 9 or 10mm wire rods. This is a continuous extrusion process.

Extrusion die for Conform Machine  The main advantage of this type of machine is that the final size can be made directly from the wire rod, hereby reducing the time spent .
This is far cheaper than conventional drawing where number of wire draws  are needed to reach a final size.

Apart from extrusion dies for conform machines , we make many other products. For a full preview of our products — Click here