Sliding Head Collets

Carbide Lined Collets & Guide Bushes

Carbide lined sliding head collet and guide bushes are  manufactured by us in India. We Regal Carbide Dies Pvt Ltd are suppliers of these  guide bushes for  machines like Petermann, Tornos, Behler, Star, Citizen and Tsugami to many reputed Companies all over India.  We also make drill collet ,traub machine collets  and milling collet  like M1Tr &  R8 collets  .

Collet is a holding device like a chuck which forms a collar around the object to be held and exerts a strong clamping force on the object, usually by means of a tapered outer collar. A external collet has a cylindrical inner surface and a conical outer surface. This collet is squeezed against a matching taper such that its inner surface contracts to a slightly smaller diameter, squeezing the workpiece to be held.

Most often this is achieved with a spring collet, made of spring steel , with 3 slits along its length to allow it to expand and contract.

Collets for Traub machine

Collet for Traub

We at Regal are manufacturing these collets and guide bushes for various  CNC sliding head machines .

We also make milling collets like M1TR Collets , as well as traub machine collets like A-15, A-25, A-30, A-42, A-60 collets.

Our carbide lined Guide bushes are used in many varied industries where precision turned components are required like watch industry, automobile industry, medical equipments etc.

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