Carbide Bushes

Carbide Bushes, Jig Bushes & Tungsten Carbide Drill Bushes

We are creating a niche in this line of tungsten carbide jig bushes,carbide drill bushes and carbide bushes for wire rope industry. Our manufactured T.C bushes have a wide utility and applications in several engineering companies & industries . Our carbide drill bushings are made up of very good quality T.C  and is available for our clients at a very competitive prices.

A drill jig bushing, also known as a jig bushing is a tool used in metalworking jigs to guide cutting tools, most commonly drill bits. Other tools that are commonly used in a drill bushing include counter bores, countersinks, and reamers. They are designed to guide, position, and support the cutting tool.

Carbide Bushes for Wire Ropes

We at Regal Carbide Dies Pvt Ltd , are manufacturing carbide ferrules also called as carbide eyelets for wire rope industry. These bushes are used in bulk quantities on the machine to guide the wire .

Carbide Bushes for Stranding Machines / Pay Off machine

Many different shapes of carbide bushes are used in the manufacturing of electrical cables. These carbide bushes are used in tubular stranding machines and pay off machines in bulk quantities.

Apart from these carbide bushes we at Regal Carbide Dies are also manufacturers and supplier of  wire draw die , extrusion dies, carbide nozzles, collets and are suppliers of Diamond paste and needle files to our clients.

Carbide Drill Bush